Assisting High Net-Worth Clients with International Estate Planning and Cross Border Solutions

N. Gregory McNally & Associates Ltd. (“NGMA”) is a boutique consulting firm specializing in international private client planning and global business services.

We procure and develop sophisticated estate and tax plans and introduce High Net-Worth Individuals to our trusted service contacts around the world.

NGMA also implements various cross-border business solutions, assisting all manner of international owner operators engaged in everything from traditional trading companies to internet based sales.

Our goal is to assist individuals in dealing with the complexities of global wealth creation and management.

Services Overview

Canadian Agency Companies

The Canadian Agency Company (“CAC”) is a Canadian company used to open bank accounts or enter into business transactions on behalf of principals who would otherwise have used an international business corporation based in a traditional tax haven jurisdiction.

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Transnational Trusts

The Transnational Trust (“TNT”) is a trust settled by a non-resident Canadian using a Canadian private trust company to act as trustee. The TNT must be administered outside of Canada, but can engage in all typical trust activities.

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International Estate Planning and Asset Protection

NGMA matches a client’s personal situation (including business or family property issues) with a specific plan to meet his or her objectives.

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Cross-Border Business

NGMA incorporates companies and legal entities world-wide to assist client business operations. We also establish banking relationships including merchant accounts.

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NGMA has the benefit of watching our successful clients invest their funds. They direct us to open up accounts with best-of-class investment managers around the world, which results in us creating one first class relationship after another.

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Banking relationships are difficult to establish in today’s post 911 and “Credit Crisis” world. We have trusted relationships with both international and regional banks operating in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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